• Hi there Brooke! I’m so sorry I am getting back to you so late…. to be honest I don’t think it goes away… maybe if you use it long enough? But I don’t remember it being a big issue for me either.

  1. Jenna

    Hi Lisa!
    I’ve been researching on this product! I’m just very sensitive to certain things and am slowly removing dairy and gluten from my diet, but did you find it able to make you full for like a meal?
    And any weight loss benefits from it? Or did you mainly just use it for post workouts?

    • Hi there, Jenna!
      I mostly use it for post workouts, but I have, on occasion, used it in place of a meal and it definitely curbs my appetite. I kind of started using protein supplements at the same time I started my weight loss journey, so I don’t know if it has directly impacted my weight loss. However, I do know your body needs protein to build you muscles and muscle burns more calories throughout the day, plus it’s pretty low in calories if you are using it for meal replacement and that’s always helpful when trying to lose weight.

      I hope you decide to try it. I still use it and I’m a big fan. 🙂

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