Meet Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa. Welcome to Lazy Mom Fitness. That’s me, a lazy mom who’s kind of into fitness… well, it’s a love – hate relationship. I am constantly battling my initial instinct to be lazy. I have kids Meet Lisanow, I don’t have time to be lazy. Right? I’ll be honest, somedays nothing gets done, but I’m working on it. And that’s why we are here, attempting to turn weakness into strength.

After I got married and before I had kids, I had my appendix removed and I started to have to really work to control my weight.

Then I had kids. (cue evil laughter)

I had no idea. I had big dreams of being this super adorable pregnant lady and my body would quickly melt away the extra weight because I would be nursing. Then reality slapped me across the face with 60+ pounds per pregnancy and new found love/addiction to sugar and zero motivation to commit to being healthy. I am, after all, lazy at heart.

So… here we are.