I Earned it!

I had finally lost some weight. I had also stopped nursing, so the hubs and I were at the mall so I could get a new bra. It was bad. I probably could have fit an entire additional set of breasts in that bra. Trying to be smart, I first went searching at JCPenny’s, thinking I would find a good price on a decent bra. Nope, nope, and nope. The fits were all wrong, I had almost no clue what size I was, and the price? Stupid.

I decided to look and see what good old Victoria’s Secret had in store.


I was greeted instantly by a very helpful VS professional, who measured me, asked me what I was looking for, found me a few bras to start with, and got me into a dressing room with a promise to check the fit when I was ready. A bit awkward, but it was necessary (curse you sagging post baby/post weight loss boobs!).Finally found one with the best fit possible (not to mention so much more comfortable and the SAME price as JCP) and was on my way.

I was off to find my husband who had taken the kiddos to find much more interesting things to do and before I could get very far I was stopped by one of those very nice vendor guys, selling perfume and cologne. I was in a good mood and he was complimenting my dreads (yeah… I’m a sucker) so we started chatting.

He started asking me what had brought me to the mall that day and so I vaguely or not so vaguely, I don’t remember, told him I was there because I had recently lost some weight and needed some stuff. That peeked his interest.

He wanted to know how I lost the weight.

So I started telling him how I was eating healthier, smaller portions, and had been working my butt off. No. He wanted to know what weight loss product or supplement I had used. I couldn’t help but noticed how disappointed he was to learn that I hadn’t.

I worked for it. Hard, sweaty work.

Yes, it is disappointing. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I wanted a quick fix, too. BUT… I also knew, deep down (very VERY deep down) that I wanted to be able to say that I did this. I worked for it. I worked hard and sweat buckets. I wanted to know how hard it was so I would never go back there. So I would have the determination to keep it off. I knew that if it was easy, then it wouldn’t matter if I got fat and unhealthy again because I could just take a pill and “lose weight without exercise or diet”. That’s not real, true, hard earned success.

I wanted to be able to say that I earned it.

Believe me, in my most desperate moments, I searched for that magic weight loss pill. I even tried one or two. It never lasted though because (for me at least) they don’t work and they are full of stuff I don’t want to put in my body.

So now, every day I look in the mirror, I can look at how far I’ve come and say –I EARNED IT! Thank you very much.

And you know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Plus, I think it’s more satisfying.


  1. I fully agree. I weighed 260 pounds when my wife died. Today I weigh a much healthier 200. What product did I use? LoL, a staitionary bicycle and a lot of sweat and some free weights.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your wife, but awesome job getting healthy! The stationary bike is actually one of my favorites, but we just don’t have the space for it and closest gym with child care is an hour away! Lots of sweat is right! Way to go!

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