1. Ido Barnoam

    Hi Lisa,

    I learned a simple trick to get things done and keep everything together that really works for me.
    All you need to do is make a list of the 6 most important things you need to do the next day. Then give them numbers according to their importance. So 1 is the most important, and 6 is the least important (amongst the must have’s, right?).
    Then the next day, when you wake up, start doing number 1. Don’t even think about the rest of the things on the list and focus on finishing number 1. After that, do the same with number 2. Once 2 is finished, continue to number 3 etc.

    This is a simple trick, but it really helps me accomplishing things. I sometimes dont get all my list done, but it certainly keeps me productive and doesn’t let “life” creep in and steal my time.

    • Lisa

      I actually really love this trick! Things have definitely been piling up recently (especially laundry). I’m going to go make a list right now… #1 – Laundry! Thank you!

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