First Work Out of 2017

“You’re going to work out???” my boys exclaim with excitement as I get ready for my first workout of 2017.

It’s been 2 months since my last work out… just before Thanksgiving and life got crazy and I got lazy. I’m a little late to the whole New Year’s resolutions gung-ho game, but oh how I have missed it! At least… today I miss it, tomorrow I will feel the consequences of my lackadaisical ways.

Hiding from the kids while I drink my Vegansmart shake.

My kids have been taking turns getting up at 5:30, so I was downstairs around 6:15 after they were both up and bright eyed. My sister was doing her morning workout of 21 Day Fix, of which she has been much more diligent at doing regularly. And I’m sitting on the couch watching like… I should do that… but, I really don’t want to.

So I did it anyway.

And then I sent this picture to my sister to show her that I worked out, finally. And she responds with “And now you’re hiding from the kids?! Lol.!”

Yes. Yes, I am… seriously… they always want whatever I have. Yesterday, #2 saw that I had something in my mouth. He didn’t know if it was candy or dog poop (it was candy), yet he immediately started whining for some of what I had… whatever it was.

I really hate starting over, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

I know it’s going to hurt and yet, I also know that my body needs it. Especially because exercise is more effective than anti-depressants and I have struggled with depression a lot probably since I hit puberty.

Plus, I also really miss having a routine.

Plus, plus, I have gained 8 pounds since November. And it wasn’t even the holiday eating… I actually did really well not to over gorge myself. What killed me was my niece’s birthday. I’ve been eating cake and ice-cream for a week! Ugh.

Well, not anymore!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!

“You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it.” -Unknown

And in case you are interested… here is the workout I did to kick off 2017.

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