Eating….. such a love – hate relationship for me. You see, I hate cooking. Maybe it’s because my kids are constantly whining and screaming at me while I am trying to cook or maybe it’s because our kitchen is dark and secluded and I just like to be around my family… I kinda like them.

Regardless, it isn’t something I enjoy. When I do cook I try to make it as quick and painless as possible, as well as delicious for everyone. I have found a few things that work for our family and a big part of that is having healthy snacks because snacking is where I can fail the biggest. I have also been working on finding a variety of recipes that fit into my healthy and fast category as well, while I’ve been on this adventure and I’ll be more than happy to share them with you, because we all need help, well, I need help so I assume other people must need help, too.

80-20 Rulegoofy apples

Have you ever heard of the 80-20 rule? I have and I hate it. It means that, when it comes to losing weight, 80% relies on what you eat and only 20% comes from exercising. Some people might really like this rule, like if you really like planning ahead and finding healthy stuff to eat. For me, it was much easier to just throw together some pasta and call it good (seriously, my entire college life, single and married) and then work my butt off at the gym. This is probably my biggest hurdle when it comes to getting healthy and unfortunately, it is the one that matters the most.

Fortunately, though, there are more benefits to eating well then just weight loss, which is a pretty awesome benefit, but I’m super lazy, so I need a lot of convincing. To me, eating healthy means lots of whole foods, meat sparingly, and very limited packaged nonsense no matter how “healthy” it claims to be. The thing with eating healthy is that you get a ton more real nutrients that your body can actually use without all the extra garbage, so you can eat way more food… and still lose weight.

Healthy food = Happiness

With processed food, most, if not all, the life sustaining nutrients are stripped away and then “enhanced” with synthetic vitamins and such to compensate. These “enhancements” are harder for our bodies to absorb and therefore, even though you are likely eating more than enough calories, your body is starving for nutrients.Salad

When our bodies are getting what they need, magical things start happening. You are less stressed, depression begins to lift, and your skin starts looking healthier and maybe even glow. You don’t get sick as often and your body is better equipped to fight off disease. Your body doesn’t think it’s starving anymore so you start to lose weight, you have more energy, and greater mental clarity. You’re likely to live longer, and you’re happy about it! And who wouldn’t be happy about that?

You have also boosted your fertility, so now you can go be a baby making rock star… if that’s your thing.

Lazy mom has been convinced.

So… my mind is made up and I will do my best to keep myself and my family eating healthy because it obviously improves life as a whole. It took a while (who am I kidding, it’s still a work in progress), but now… now my kids like spinach and I mean throw fits for the spinach in my salad! And my youngest will pick the kale out of his soup… to eat… it’s his favorite part.

It’s amazing and I love it.

It’s also hard, yet so worth it!