35 Fun Songs To Sweat To

Music can have a big impact on your workout. Normally, I would simply turn on my “Pop Fitness” Pandora station and get to sweating. It worked out pretty well and the music was pretty upbeat. Apparently, I gave a “thumbs up” to some of the wrong songs because it started playing more and more slow, … [Read more…]

Don’t Quit!

Today marks one week since I started working out every day… again. Now when I’m trying to be healthier and workout, I do like to track my weight. I know it isn’t the best thing to measure success by, but I am definitely at a point where my body should be losing weight to be … [Read more…]

Burns So Good

OUCH! Ugh… seriously, I was actually feeling pretty good this morning, just a little sore, you know the sore that lets you know which muscles you worked, but makes you feel awesome? Yeah, then I did my workout this morning… now I feel like a rusty hinge that will seize up if I stop moving. … [Read more…]