7 Minute Warm Up for at Home Workouts

For the past week and a half, I have been knocking out some awesome bodyweight workouts that I have found on Pinterest. I use to pin these great looking workouts all the time, but never did them because they didn’t come with a warm up or cool down and that just sounded like too much brain work for me. So, I stuck with my workout programs (like 21 Day Fix) and the YouTube workout videos that included the warm up and cool down.

I love 21 Day Fix, but when I hit a plateau that has seemed to last for months and months, I knew I needed to mix it up a bit, so I went to YouTube, which has some awesome workouts and I will continue to use as well, but the music is usually lacking.

I decided to just try coming up with my own warm up, allowing me to have an even greater variety.

I picked a workout I wanted to try, turn on my Pop Fitness Pandora station, and started jogging in place. I went from there.

I thought that maybe someone else might have the same issue, but want to mix up their routine, so I decided to put together what I do for a quick warm up to get those muscles warm and stretched and ready for your workout.

I am obviously not a professional, but this is what I do and it works for me. I may or may not look like a spaz as I do it, but warming up is a super important part of any workout to prevent injury. So try it out, get warm, and then burn that fat!

I like to think of it like playing with putty. When putty is cold and you try to stretch it quickly, it snaps much sooner than if you warm it up first. Then it can mold into what you want it to be a lot easier.

And remember, dynamic stretching is much better for warming up and static stretching is best for your cool down.


  1. Lauren

    This is a great little workout! Not just for moms either, but for anyone who is too busy, or for me, when I’m too busy with my travels to dedicate myself to the gym. Even just a small amount of exercise is more beneficial than none at all. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lucy Lowe

    I feel like with these quick workouts I really have no excuse to not do something each day. Love the idea and love your site!

    • Something everyday can make such a big difference and pretty soon, a little something will turn into results and full blown workouts! It’s so hard to start… especially when it feels like it’s backfiring, but today after my workout, I felt SO good! Finally! Totally worth it.

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