1. Jamie

    Hi Lisa!

    Great review! I have heard about this 21 Day Fix and have wanted to try it also. 3.2 pounds in 21 days certainly isn’t bad! Maybe I will give it a try after all. I have also thought about the Insanity program you mentioned. Is there any other fast fix type programs that you recommend for a busy working mom like myself?


    • Lisa

      Hi Jamie! So glad you liked my review! One thing I want to clarify is that I lost the 3.2lbs. over a 6 month period overall. When I fist started the program I was 179lbs and by the end of the 21 days I was 174. So I actually lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks, but then I took a 2 month hiatus and gained 10lbs over Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I had to work my butt of to get that weight back off, which is super annoying, but when you eat crappy and don’t move that’s what happens. I wouldn’t say it’s a quick fix, but I would say it would be very manageable. It is only 30 minutes and it’s over. If you develop good eating and exercise habits, it is totally worth it!

      I just finished my first week of Insanity with Shaun T. and it is intense! The workouts are a little longer, but still under an hour and I’m excited to see what kind of results it produces. I will definitely do a review of it once I am done. After that I want to try T25 with Shaun T. Which should be even more manageable as far as time goes because the workouts are only 25 minutes.

      Remember to drink LOTS of water! It really helps with weight management.

  2. Matt's Mom

    I have seen the infomercials for the 21-day fix on TV before. And it does appear to have worked for many people. I am glad it has worked for you. I too, was looking for a way to shed a few pounds. I have since lost 20 pounds in two months so I am happy. Different programs work for different people. I think you did a great job on your review and created a lot of enthusiasm by showing your before and after pictures. You look great!

    • Thank you! I definitely agree that different things work for different people… great job losing 20 pounds, that’s tough to do!

  3. shrey

    Wow Lisa, you are an inspiration! I would have never been able to lose so much weight and look so fit! I think the problem with most of us is procrastination but after looking at you images here, I’m motivated to actually work towards getting into shape.
    I think I would give the 21-day fix a try and see how it works out! Can’t wait to go ahead and order this product!

    • Lisa

      Thanks! It definitely takes hard work (in sweat and in the kitchen) and time, but it’s worth it and I always feel better when I do and when I don’t… I get so frustrated with how far I could have been if I had just kept going! So, go ahead and start! You will never be sorry for taking care of your body.

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