1. Craigyboy

    hey weve got 3 kids and this is the sort of thing my wife would like i think it would do her good. With all the pressures and kiddie commitments we have going on its easy to leave yourself out. Ive looked into insanity in the past myself and it looks proper intense!

    • Lisa

      Yes, it is super intense… lots of cardio and jumping. I can’t even express how nervous I was to start INSANITY, especially after watching the first workout. Then the day came to start and it was so hard and I took a lot of breaks and maybe did half, if that, but I did it and that was powerful to me. I also worked up to it by doing 21 Day Fix for about 6 months (don’t get me wrong, 21DF is a tough work out)… I didn’t just go 0-60 in one day and in those 6 months it gave my kids a chance to get used to me working out, because it was a bit rough at first, but definitely doable!

      I can’t tell you how much taking good care of myself has helped me take better care of my boys and feel better about myself and has helped me develope a good daily routine.

  2. Dawn

    I am the ultimate lazy girl. I also realized lately how much it’s ruining my life so am working at it everyday. I am definitely doing the sticker idea. Why do kids get all the fun?! Thanks, for the idea’s.

    • YES! Do it! The stickers are one of my biggest motivators right now! It’s so hard to not give in to my lazy ways, it’s a minute by minute battle 🙂 Just start small and build from there. I know you can do it! Thanks for stopping by and stay amazing.

  3. Alex

    Hello Lisa,

    I think your tips to stay motivated are helpful. My favorite tip is the first, one: Why? I think it’s important to stay in touch with your reasons why.

    A good tip I should consider is to listen to good music. I find that I don’t really listen to any music to inspire or motivate me. I should really get into the habit

    These tips are very helpful, thanks for the article.


    • Lisa

      Thanks Alex! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helps you to stay motivated to reach your goals, whatever they may be. 🙂

  4. Wing

    May I add for #11 is to stay consistent? I know it takes time to stay get there but I think that one is crucial for staying motivated in the long term. Consistency builds routine (and in this case a good one) and routines get people to do things out of habit, which requires much less discipline to accomplish.

    Great info you got there!

  5. Norman

    This is a good post fro many to read because many persons start out good with their work out plans and fall so where along the way side. But if we are to see results the key is to stay motivated because it is this that will keep you going and on the edge. Your post is well detailed and filled with tons of information, I am sure that your readers will be motivated after they have read what you are offering. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lyle

    You’ve got some great tips here Lisa. I personally like the ‘take pictures’ advice. I don’t do it myelf but I might just have to start!

    Seeing as it is winter now I think these tips are going to be needed much more often! With all the festive food and cold weather keeping people inside, I think it is more difficult to stay motivated,

    I’m sure these tips will not only come in handy for me but for others too.

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  7. John Rico

    Hey there! I really appreciate this article. I do workout by I’m not consistent on it I just do it like once a week. And for the past few week I’m not working out because I feel tired. But after I read your article I learned that I need a motivation and to remember why am I doing this. I’m really grateful that you share this. Right now I’m really motivated to workout and I will countinue this until I reached my goal. Thank you!

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