Food Diary: Helpful or Waste of Time?

I LOATH keeping a food diary. I think it ridiculous and unnecessary. If you just eat the right food and watch your portion sizes, then it should be simple, right? I tried once, but I was too lazy to keep up with it for longer than a few days and I found it tedious and … [Read more…]

35 Fun Songs To Sweat To

Music can have a big impact on your workout. Normally, I would simply turn on my “Pop Fitness” Pandora station and get to sweating. It worked out pretty well and the music was pretty upbeat. Apparently, I gave a “thumbs up” to some of the wrong songs because it started playing more and more slow, … [Read more…]

My Progress

2015 January Weight                 203 Waist                    36 Hips                      42 Chest                    42.5 Calves x2              16 … [Read more…]

Don’t Quit!

Today marks one week since I started working out every day… again. Now when I’m trying to be healthier and workout, I do like to track my weight. I know it isn’t the best thing to measure success by, but I am definitely at a point where my body should be losing weight to be … [Read more…]

Protein Packed Oatmeal

Breakfast… mmmmmm. It’s what I live for. Actually, I’d rather sleep, but you know… kids. Breakfast is the one meal I feel like I’ve got pretty down and it’s usually my healthiest meal of the day. I’m no gourmet chef or anything, we keep it pretty simple. Really, that’s the only way anyone gets fed … [Read more…]

Burns So Good

OUCH! Ugh… seriously, I was actually feeling pretty good this morning, just a little sore, you know the sore that lets you know which muscles you worked, but makes you feel awesome? Yeah, then I did my workout this morning… now I feel like a rusty hinge that will seize up if I stop moving. … [Read more…]

First Work Out of 2017

“You’re going to work out???” my boys exclaim with excitement as I get ready for my first workout of 2017. It’s been 2 months since my last work out… just before Thanksgiving and life got crazy and I got lazy. I’m a little late to the whole New Year’s resolutions gung-ho game, but oh how … [Read more…]


Can we just talk about being financially fit for a minute? It is SO important! I wish so much that we had been more focused. With most of my mistakes or bad choices in life, I try not to regret them, I feel like I learn a great deal from them… lessons that have helped … [Read more…]